Swimming pools are great to have in both your house and especially in your office. It is not common to have a swimming pool in your office, but you might want to after hearing the amazing reasons below to do so. 

Swimming pools are especially good if you are working from home. I mean, you got the office and the pool at your house, what more do you need? So regardless you love swimming or not, these are 7 reasons why you should consider getting or building one in your office. 

1. It saves you money

If you actually calculate the cost, building your own swimming pool in your office is much cheaper than going to the nearby public swimming pool areas. Plus, whenever you need little fun and entertainment, your very own pool is there! 

2. Relax and have fun

When working from home, it is easy to get burnt out by too much stress and worry. Some people get a standing desk chair, others people get other interesting products to keep up morale. From my personal experience, you must have a hobby that keeps your body moving and making you feel energetic between those hectic weeks. 

So why not just build your own swimming pool few steps away from your desk, huh? I would feel like I’m getting my work done on a beach, even though it is completely different. Not only you can relax and unwind after a busy day, but you can also invite your friends over to have fun once in a while. 

3. It complements the whole interior design 

If you love living and working in a house with chic and beautiful interior design, you will love the idea of a swimming pool even more. However you have designed the office room, swimming pool can complement the current interior easily. Plus, it creates that “cool” vibe.

Another amazing part is that you can get your pool customized. You can choose the pool’s placement, lighting, size, depth, and even shape. If you be creative about it, you can create an incredible office room with the “only one in the world” swimming pool. 

After all, what is the use of having your very own pool in your own room? It should represent your interests and preferences. However you get it built, it will say a lot about you. 

4. Consider the many health benefits! 

Do you suffer from any kind of physical pain? People who sit in their office working for the whole day usually have back, joint, or muscle problems. If you are not getting adequate exercise, the swimming pool is the perfect option. 

It is far better than paying for a yoga studio or a gym membership, you can exercise for free for as long as you want. Plus, swimming relieves stress while relaxing the joints and muscles. So you will forget any pains while improving your overall physical and mental health! 

5. More family time

Working from home people are not really having the greatest time with their families. Mom and Dad are working, in their offices, while kids are either studying or playing. By having your own pool, everyone can have a great time while bonding together! It means more family time with your beloved spouse and kids. 

6. Enjoy privacy and convenience

When you go to public swimming pools, it is usually uncomfortable and awkward at first. You can’t really relax in one place peacefully or swim however you want because there isn’t enough space, and people are watching. However, you can really spend a “me time” by having your own pool in your office. 

7. Easy to maintain

Swimming pools are fairly easy to maintain once they’re built. Especially if you only use it with your family, the water changing and cleaning process is done in no time with less effort. Overall, you are avoiding many difficulties and saving money by having your own pool in the long run.